Using the Catalogue

You can search the catalogue in a number of ways. The simplest is to use the search box at the top.

If you want to sort any of the columns, simply click on the heading and it will toggle between A-Z and Z-A.

We have tagged each image with a theme to make identification easier. If your picture shows a coastal scene then have a look at the ‘Coastal scenes’ pictures. It might be there.

Clicking on an image will give you the full data for that image, including the source. There are notes of reprints from the original plates where appropriate.

This map gives you an idea of the places featured in the catalogue. Type the names used here in the search box at the top right to find the relevant images.

The map divides the images into their Hundreds. A Hundred is a sub-division of a county and was used up until about 1894. They roughly correspond with the old District Council areas in Cornwall: Penwith; Kerrier; Pydar and Powder for Carrick and Restormel; West Fowy and East Ryslegh for Caradon; Trigg, Lesnoweth and Stratton for North Cornwall; plus the Isles of Scilly. There is more about the ancient hundreds, including a map, here.

A separate page lists the technical terms and abbreviations we have used.

The catalogue shows that the coverage of the county is patchy. There is a very good selection of images for the south coast but the north coast is sparsely represented, presumably because of the poor road transport and relative lack of ports in that area.

We have made no attempt to extend the catalogue to include critical comment on the artist or engraver, its quality or the value of the work. Some of the views, however, are by artists of the highest merit who recorded in print form both views and some of the major events of the time.